Oscar Molnar

Oscar Molnar

Software Engineer
I'm a software engineer who is fascinated by science and technology. Currently, I work at Brandwatch as a full-stack developer. My main professional interests span visualisation, large-scale deployments, *nix systems, and competitive programming. To see what kind of things I worked on, you can check out the links in the sidebar!

What I do

I have started programming 15 years ago by making mods for games I used to play being a kid back then. Since then I focused on a couple of different tools and technologies. Below is a quick overview of them. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my project portfolio.

JavaScript full-stack

Deep understanding of both React and Lit(Web component) front-end development work as well as backend design and maintanence of large scale Node/Express applications.


Very good grasp of Python 3 as it is the main language I use for competitive programming exercises such as Leetcode and Advent of Code.

Unity3D & Unreal Engine

Deep professional experience with both engines. Created over 20 massive internal VR/AR visualisations for Jaguar Land Rover using them. I have also created a number of personal games in each engine.

Git & version control

Working in teams ranging from 3 to 30 people in size meant I got better and better at version control over the years. I am very confident using Git and I have extensive experience with Plastic SCM.

Linux, macOS & Windows

Personal, daily experience with all 3 of the major operating systems. I have an affinity for any unix-like system and deep knowledge of systems ranging from Debian and Arch to OpenBSD.

iOS & Android development

Confident in my app development experience with a couple of apps published on the playstore and my university dissertation being accompanied by an iOS app.